Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Dean Premik

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues

In the name of the organising and scientific committees of the 21st EUMASS Congress and the 4th International Congress of Medical Assessors I would like to invite you to the next event which will take place between June 9th and June 11th 2016 in Ljubljana, the Green Capital of Europe and the capital city of Slovenia.

The congress will be organized by key institutions in the field of sick leave certification, disability evaluation and vocational rehabilitation in Slovenia. The main topics will be:

  1. Return to work
  2. Sick leave and
  3. Sick leave certification
  4. Disability and
  5. Disability evaluation
  6. Monitoring/risk management in healthcare
  7. Developments in healthcare
  8. Education in insurance medicine and much much more....

In the future, these themes will be just as prevalent as they are today, if not even more.

We will do our very best to invite recognised professionals who will present the topics in the scientific and practical aspects, and a lot may be expected from the cases of good practices which will also be part of the program.

In addition to the scientific part of the congress, we will also see to the well-being of our participants. Ljubljana, and Slovenia as well, offers many activities, and you will also be pleased with the hospitality of the Slovenians.

Slovenia, which has been a member of the EU since 2004, lies in the geographical, cultural and linguistic center of Europe with the Mediterranean Sea to the west, the Alps to the north and the Pannonian Plains to the east. Those of you who have already visited us will be back. For the new ones, you will discover a new green jewel.

Dear guests, I welcome you to attend the next, 21st EUMASS Congress and the 4th International Congress of Medical Assessors. See you in Ljubljana!

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Dean Premik

Chairman of the Scientific Committee

Dr. Wout de Boer


At the 21st EUMASS congress we expect to present top speakers and actual developments in the fields of sickness and disability and the management of health care. Promoting the return to work of people with health conditions will be an important focus. Learning to do insurance medicine in a modern, evidence based manner is another focus we want to present.

Conditions in neurology and oncology will be considered especially but other aspects of the work you are doing will not be neglected. We will pay attention to scientific developments but also to changes in policy and to interesting and best practices. As usual we will invite speakers for plenary overviews of burning themes. And in the parallel sessions there is room for a big variety of themes and presentations, discussions and workshops.

EUMASS, in cooperation with the Pension and Invalidity Insurance Institute of Slovenia, the Slovenian Health Insurance Institute and the University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia, warmly invites you to the 21st EUMASS Congress of Insurance Medicine and Social Welfare and the 4th International Congress of Medical Assessors in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 9th to 11th June 2016.

Chairman of the Scientific Committee
Dr. Wout de Boer